03 Feb Testimonial

From the age of 8 I have been suffering with Musculoskeletal problems with my first surgery taking place on my 14th birthday.  When I reached 21 I was told it would not be long before I was wheelchair bound.  Not wanting to be defeated I sought out ways to improve my situation.

Several surgeries and 2 decades later, with my pain no longer under control I needed a new plan.  Everything I read told me to get fit, develop my core strength to reduce or at least get my pain under control.  I was very worried about going to a class where I would be asked to do something that could cause me damage so not only was it key to finding someone with the suitable qualifications but also experience.  Geoff offered me that.  We started very slowly and with every movement I made Geoff made sure I was in the correct position so not to cause any damage or pain.  Each session is personalised to my needs.  My pain is now under control and I no longer take Morphine, Fentanyl or codeine to get through the day.


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