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Are you ready to make a change and never look back?

If you’re looking to make a real change to the way you look and feel then you’ve come to the right place.
With over 15 years experience in the industry, Geoff knows what it takes to get results!

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If you want a real push to get into shape then one on one training is exactly what you need. Each session lasts an hour and will be tailor-made to suit your personal goals and needs. One on one training will enable you to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

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I’ve travelled the world studying boxing / MMA and as the current British UFW title holder, there isn’t much that I don’t know about the sport. So whether you’re a complete beginner, an experienced fighter, or just fancy spicing up your cardio with some non-contact boxing / MMA I’d love to help!

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Getting into shape can be great fun, especially when training with a group of likeminded people who have similar goals to your own. If you prefer to train as a group, rather than one on one, then why not join us for a group training session? You’ll not only see great results, you’ll also meet some great people!

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Our kids training sessions are designed to show children that exercising can be fun and rewarding. From boxing to circuit training, our programmes are tailor-made with your child’s goals and needs in mind. We give children a stepping stone towards making exercise a lifetime habit.

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